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Honest Non Monogamy: The Essentials (Victoria, BC)

April 24, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Open relationships? Polyamory? Relationship Anarchy? For many people, ethical and honest non monogamy is about freedom: freedom to love who you want, when you want, in whatever way feels authentic between adults and is mutually consensual. It has a rosy reputation for being about not putting limitations on whom or how you love, being able to acknowledge your needs and desires and dreams, knowing that to expect one person alone to fulfill all of them is way too much pressure.

But what’s the reality? How do the myths differ from the practical applications? How does it actually work in real life? Is non monogamy some enlightened approach to living, or simply another set of options for relating to other humans? Is there a Golden Path to polyamorous perfection, or is it a multilinear dance where we each get to decide what works for us as individuals?


Whether honest non-monogamy is new to you, or you have years of experience, this workshop promises to offer fresh and insightful perspectives, and empower you with new tools to assist you in enjoying more fulfilling relationships!


Led by an experienced facilitator and advocate for ethical and honest relationships, this workshop will cover:

  • Forms of honest non monogamy- including monogamish and open relationships, coupled polyamory, solo polyamory, relationship anarchy, swinging, fetish play relationships, professional sex worker relationships and more.
  • Reasons to consider non monogamy, and how to recognise when non monogamy may not be right for you.
  • The two most common pitfalls of open relationships, and the tools to navigate the challenges involved in honest non monogamy.
  • How to articulate clearly what kinds of non monogamous experiences you are looking for, and how to go about seeking them.
  • How can you move towards compersion (and not just ‘away’ from jealousy?)
  • How can you quickly tap back into a space of intimacy with partners you don’t get to spend lots of time with?
  • And when is it a good idea to share your google calander- and when is it not? (hint- it has to do with intimacy!)