Thank you so much for booking with me!

You’ll receive an automated email confirmation from Appointlet that has a link for cancelling and/or rescheduling your appointment if you need to. You’ll also get a personalised email from me soon to confirm our appointment, which will have the zoom information for our session.

Please note: during our session you are welcome and encouraged to take notes, or make your own audio recording, but I do not allow video recordings of sessions.

Personal relationship coaching can enhance your self relationship as well as the relationships you share with others. Coaching is different from counselling and is definitely not the same as therapy: while counselling and therapy help to integrate past experiences into the present, I see coaching as what helps you move forward from the present, and into living and loving joyfully.

I specialise in working with queer and questioning humans — and the people who love them — who are curious about or already practicing consensual non-monogamy, with a focus on Self-Partnership, Solo Polyamory, Relationship Anarchy, and Trauma Informed practices.

My ideal clients are social misfits, cultural rebels, who are seeking support on dating and relating in honest non-monogamous relationship configurations. I work with individuals, rather than couples, but can work with all parties in a relationship individually. I focus on working with people exploring polyamory and relationship anarchy.

The people who enjoy working with me as their coach are usually folks who have enjoyed or resonate with the works of Betty Martin, Dr Kim Tallbear, Dr Meg-John Barker, Gabor Mate, and Peter Levine.

I am trans-affirming, feminist, kink-friendly, and anti-racist.

Please note:
Relationship coaching is not helpful or effective when a relationship is in a state of emergency. If you are actively experiencing debilitating panic, paralysing anxiety, or find your brain spinning out constantly, then I encourage you to first seek out the support of a qualified therapist or counsellor.

The relationship coaching I offer is not a substitute for therapy and counselling.

I do not work with people seeking life-long monogamy.

I am not the right coach for people who enjoy Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus, Teal Swan, Kelly Brogan, or Jordan Peterson.

If you have made an appointment in error, or realise that we may not be a good fit to work together, please follow the link in your confirmation email to cancel your appointment.