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I accept payments by cash or cheque (in person only) or via paypal or etransfer.

For US and international clients I charge in US Dollars, for Canadian (domestic) clients, I charge in Canadian Dollars.

Sliding scale and instalment payment options are available, please message me for more information.

Whether solo and single, looking for love, or in relationships and needing to spend some time nourishing your relationship with yourself- everyone can benefit from some one-on-one relationship coaching.

Individual coaching can be a one-off session to troubleshoot a specific issue or learn some particular relationship skills, or you opt for a Personal Coaching Package.

In the Personal Coaching Package, we will have an initial coaching 75 min consultation, looking at where you are at, what your relational landscape looks like, and identify some areas where you’d like to see change. I’ll give you a few exercises to work on that are designed to help you identify your needs and desires, and support you in communicating them with partners and/or potential partners.

A follow up session, a week or two later, is a shorter session, where we touch base on how the exercises have worked for you, and check in about your intentions and goals in relationships.

Sometimes, an individual might choose to become an ongoing coaching client, in which case we have regular coaching sessions, about once every two-three weeks, where we continue to work on refining your skills in your relationship to your self, and the ways you engage in relationship with others.


Individual Session: $100 for 75 mins.
Follow up Sessions: $60 for 45 mins.

Personal Coaching Package: Three 75 min sessions, $250 (saving of $50); additional coaching sessions $65/75 mins.


Single, and don’t want to be?

Let me be your guide!

Whether you’re newly single from a long-term relationship and struggling to figure out dating in the 21st century, or just haven’t ever found someone you’ve shared compelling mutual chemistry with, I can support you in developing the skills and tools to put yourself out there with confidence.

Bringing together my personal experience of entering the dating world for the first time in my late twenties, combined with the skills I learned through working for a professional matchmaking service, the Dating Coaching package includes personal coaching around your self presentation (we’re talking your whole personality here, not just the clothes you wear), your dating profile (if you have one), and prep sessions for before- and after- your dates!


Individual Consultation: $120 for 90 mins
Monthly Package cost: $249 (includes initial 75 min session dedicated to self-presentation, two follow up 45 min sessions, and your choice of either one 45-min role play session, or one-on-one phone calls both before and after dates).

Many couples today are looking at novel and innovative ways to live their lives together with more openness. For some, that leads them to exploring the realms of non-monogamy.

Jumping into Non-Monogamy isn’t for the faint of heart. There are many old patterns and ideas of how we look at relationships that can come up and get in the way of enjoying our consensually non-monogamous lives. Many couples jump in with enthusiasm, but without knowing how to swim in these very different waters. So, rather than starting in at the deep end, allow me to offer you the support and guidance to open up in a way that feels empowering for you both.

With the Opening Up Package, I’ll work with you on developing skills and tools for communication, identifying your core relational values, understanding your core needs and motivations, articulating your approach to non-monogamy, and creating agreements with partners and rules for your Self.

Individual: $199 (one 90 min session, and two follow up 45 min session)
Couple: $319 (one 90 min session, two individual 45 min sessions, one 75 min session)



Relationships can be wonderful places for growth and transformation, for mutual support, and the foundation of family and community.

In every relationship, there is the potential for conflict. And, conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing- what matters is how we handle conflict. All too often we either avoid conflict, or do the opposite feed into perpetuating cycles of conflict and ‘drama’. The secret, however, is to develop conflict intimacy, where we become comfortable with conflict, and in fact, can use conflict to bring us closer in our relationships.

The couple’s coaching package is designed to help a couple in an existing relationship troubleshoot through a place of conflict where they are feeling stuck. It’s a three session package that includes:

One private consultation for each partner (2x 75 min sessions)
One joint couple’s session (1x 90 min sessions)

Cost: $285 (saving of $35)

Relationships aren’t always between two people at a time; relationships can exist within groups as well. The more people involved in a relationship, the more complex communication can become, and sometimes the cohesion of a group can fracture when communication breaks down.

Group coaching sessions are designed to support the process of intimacy, working on developing communication and exploring the space of mutual need and desire.

The Group Coaching Package includes:

One ninety minute introductory session for the whole group.
Additional private coaching sessions of 45 mins each for each group member.

Cost: $110, plus $50 per individual session.

Do you feel totally lost in relationships and want someone to wave the magic wand of enlightenment? Are you looking for someone to hold your hand and walk you through a challenging time?

With the executive package, I’ll become that person for you. You’ll be able to reach me 24/7 for advice and coaching and support. In addition to our daily checkins, we’ll have one 75 minute, and one 45 minute session per week where we work on creating clear visions and boundaries for your relationship landscape, and practice communication tools for engaging with your near and dear ones in more authentic, embodied, and empowered ways.

With the Executive Plus package, I’ll fly to you- wherever you are in the world- and be your dedicated on-site coach for the month.


Executive Plus

*** Travel costs in excess of $2000/month will be charged to client.

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Melina is a wellspring of relationship wisdom. She’s as practical as she is inspirational. She’s helped me to navigate the occasionally difficult waters of polyamory with her insights and experience. I’d heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a relationship coach.
Ben F
Alberta, Canada
"Your work has reminded me that perhaps there isn’t anything wrong with me at all. I am amazed at the deep levels of shame we carry as human beings because we don’t fit into the construct that is given to us as a model for our life. It feels exciting because I can now explore what I want for my life rather than be gifted something that just doesn’t feel right for me." Craig P
I went as one person and came home feeling like a different person completely. My emotions are running so incredibly high and this is just the beginning.
Catherin H
BC, Canada
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your coaching yesterday. It really helped me to focus in on what mattered and what I want and to know where I stand in my relationship and with these shiny new polyboots!
The conversation with my partner went amazingly well. Like really really well. We found much common ground and even discovered our common kinks. I am feeling so loved and supported and ready for this next adventure. Thank you for being a part of that!
Vancouver, Canada
Just wanted to send my deep gratitude and appreciation for your workshop. I let go of some self-indictments around believing something "different" about love, and was able to move towards being more in integrity with myself (and those with whom I relate). I was also able to become really clear about my core "essentials" in relationships (whether monogamous or non-monogamous; romantic/sexual, emotional, social/community or other), and am certain these breakthroughs will only serve my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those I have relationships with now and in the future more than I can even comprehend.
Aerye Swarek
Victoria, Canada
Mel's skill and comfort with questioning and reformulating beliefs regarding relationships is contagious. If you want to open up to new possibilities, she can be a resource for you.
BC, Canada
"I don't even know if I have enough words in my vernacular to express the feelings, thoughts, vibrations after this weekend. I can't thank you enough for this... I will be processing for some time. A shift has happened!" Lisa F BC, Canada
Mel has been a tremendous source of inspiration for my relationships and my community at large. She presents with a combination of professionalism, knowledge and open-minded curiosity that makes her safe and approachable. My profound journey through love and relationships has definitely been helped through the time I have spent with Mel. Erin BC, Canada
Mel has been an incredibly valuable asset to me in helping to evolve my relationship skills and helping me to empathize with my partners. Her workshops and her coaching have drastically improved the communication level and quality of my relationships.
BC, Canada
Mel maintains a calm demeanor with low pressure conversation. She's approachable and accessible. She cares. It shows. Her passion for intimacy and relationship actualization shines through. Sex positive, poly aware, and kink aware, Mel is a very versatile specialist and adviser - the perfect counselling choice no matter how simple or complicated your concern or situation is.
BC, Canada
Mel is an exceptional communicator and listener. Having known her personally and attended several of her workshops I can attest that she has the rare combination of perspective and presentation that many more experienced facilitators lack. I highly recommend her offerings.
Jaia Kydd
BC, Canada
Mel has some seriously great communications skills and methodologies. I've seen a lot of facilitators in my time and she ranks up here with the best. I won't hesitate to take another of her workshops.
BC, Canada
Mel is an incredible listener and her attention to detail was crucial. I walked away with much more than I had anticipated: I came away with a lot of tools to work with, and also a comfortable understanding of who I am and how I present myself to others. Mel is nothing short of awesome at what she does, and I will continue to use her as a resource and recommend her.
Thank you so much Mel, you rock!!!
Colorado, USA
There were so many insightful components... the biggest takeaway was reinforcing my wants in a relationship.
Mel you have such a beautiful heart centred way of delivering this workshop and I'm convinced that many people can benefit from the tools, resources and lessons you offer.
Vancouver, BC

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