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Courageous Conversations

Do you experience unresolved conflicts in your relationships?

Have you ever postponed difficult conversations because it seemed easier to avoid them than to dive in?

Would you like to step out of a space of fear and into one where you are empowered and resilient in all your relationships?

This course offers you tools for being able to build connection in the face of adversity and interpersonal strain, and dives into a deeper understanding of how we can— as individuals— contribute to building a stronger culture of compassion and consent in our communities.

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Workshops and Talks I Offer:

Honest Non Monogamy : The Essentials

For many people, ethical and honest non monogamy is about freedom: freedom to love who you want, when you want, in whatever way feels authentic between adults and is mutually consensual. It has a rosy reputation for being about not putting limitations on whom or how you love, being able to acknowledge your needs and desires and dreams, knowing that to expect one person alone to fulfill all of them is way too much pressure.

But what’s the reality? How do the myths differ from the practical applications? How does it actually work in real life? Is non monogamy some enlightened approach to living, or simply another set of options for relating to other humans? Is there a Golden Path to polyamorous perfection, or is it a multilinear dance where we each get to decide what works for us as individuals?

Whether honest non-monogamy is new to you, or you have years of experience, this full day workshop promises to offer fresh and insightful perspectives, and empower you with new tools to assist you in enjoying more fulfilling relationships!

Courageous Relating

Offered with co-facilitator Erin Macri, PhD, creator of “Cultivating Compersion”.

A workshop on authenticity and compassion in relationships.

Courageous Relating is a full day experience designed to offer deep insight into relationships with others. With a strong focus on respect for all relationship styles, we will cover such topics as compassionate communication, boundaries, rules and agreements, negotiating consent, and authenticity. Exercises designed to understand trauma, deconstruct the shadow and navigate relationships will give participants the opportunity to learn the best practices in relating and start putting them to use.

We invite you to dive into a new, courageous experience of relationships.

Pathways to Radical Intimacy

What do you want, and why is it so scary to ask for it?

What clues do our desires give us about our needs?

How can knowing our core needs help us to develop deeper intimacy with our loved ones?

How does trauma impact our ability to share intimacy, and how can we support experiences of building and strengthening trust in our relationships?

What can we do to nurture a lasting feeling of intimacy and connection- not just between partners, but between friends, community, and tribe- in a way that is consensual and offers space for individual expression?

In this dynamic full-day workshop, we’ll be exploring some practical tools for developing intimacy, empathy, connection, and diving into core needs and desires- with activities that include playing interactive games that will combine theatrics, physical touch, and communication.*

This workshop is an invitation for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves to step into a new experience of intimacy. This workshop is for everyone who has ever felt stuck, alone, or afraid of connection.

“True Intimacy asks for more than eye-gazing; it calls upon a kindness with one another’s shadows and gentleness with all our imperfections.”

*This is not a sexual workshop, and participation in activities is optional.

An Introduction to Relationship Anarchy

Relationship Anarchy– a philosophy that provides a construct for the most consensually-based relationships. Whereas the act of applying labels like ‘monogamy’, ‘primaried’, ‘polyamory’, and so forth, is about defining what we have with someone (sometimes with the belief that by defining something we preserve it, a notion I don’t personally buy into anymore), Relationship Anarchy is a conversation about, “Where are we right now?” and “Who are we today?” and “What’s real for us in this moment?”

‘Relationship Anarchy’– is it just another label en vogue, or something that goes beyond labels? Is it only for polyamorous people, or can you be a relationship anarchist and have sexual fidelitous and monogamous relationships still? (the answer to that is- yes!) How does Relationship Anarchy apply to the forming and maintaining of community and tribe? And what does this all have to do with the emerging trend towards promoting Consent Culture and new paradigms for communities?

Myths and Misconceptions: A Public Talk

At the age of 22, Mel married the man she thought was the ‘love of her life’ and moved to rural BC to pursue a dream of having a home and raising a family together.

After five years, two miscarriages, and losing enthusiasm for those dreams, she began to wonder if there might be something missing. After separating from her husband, she began her journey into Polyamory, or ‘honest, consensual non-monogamy’.

In this talk Mel shares personally about her journey and the important- sometimes difficult- things she learned, debunking some of the myths and misconceptions about this increasingly popular style of relating.

Diving Into Desire

What do you want, and why is it so scary to ask for it?
How do we sabotage our desires without even realising it?
How can we cultivate more open and honest communication with our lovers?

In this high energy, interactive mini-workshop we playfully explore these questions and learn techniques for building authentic, dynamic, empowering connections in our relationships.

The Healing Of Intimacy

In a world of increasing cyber-connectivity, and a culture of ‘busy-ness”, many feel a loss of connection and intimacy in their lives.

Sharing a transforming and inspiring experience together can create a sense of intimacy with others; when we watch an inspiring movie, travel to an exciting new place, or embark on a weekend of personal exploration, intimacy between people can be experienced. In those moments of shared experiences that bring us closer together, we form a kind of trust, and shared context for understanding one another.

What can we do to nurture a lasting feeling of intimacy and connection- not just between partners, but also between friends, community, and tribe- in a way that is consensual and offers space for individual expression?

In this mini workshop, we’ll be examining the roadblocks to experiencing intimacy, and exploring some practical tools for developing intimacy- playing interaction games that will combine theatrics, physical touch, and communication. Mel will guide us through fun and playful ways to grow deeper, lasting intimacy.*

“True Intimacy asks for more than eye-gazing; it calls upon a kindness with one another’s shadows and gentleness with all our imperfections. ”

*This is not a sexual workshop, and participation in activities is optional.

Radical Relationship Intensive
An immersive experience, coming in 2017.


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"Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop! Thank you for the space you held and your guidance. So enriching to spend time with good people on a path of evolution."
Victoria, BC, Canada
"Your work has reminded me that perhaps there isn’t anything wrong with me at all. I am amazed at the deep levels of shame we carry as human beings because we don’t fit into the construct that is given to us as a model for our life. It feels exciting because I can now explore what I want for my life rather than be gifted something that just doesn’t feel right for me." Craig P
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your coaching yesterday. It really helped me to focus in on what mattered and what I want and to know where I stand in my relationship and with these shiny new polyboots!
The conversation with my partner went amazingly well. Like really really well. We found much common ground and even discovered our common kinks. I am feeling so loved and supported and ready for this next adventure. Thank you for being a part of that!
Vancouver, Canada
Just wanted to send my deep gratitude and appreciation for your workshop. I let go of some self-indictments around believing something "different" about love, and was able to move towards being more in integrity with myself (and those with whom I relate). I was also able to become really clear about my core "essentials" in relationships (whether monogamous or non-monogamous; romantic/sexual, emotional, social/community or other), and am certain these breakthroughs will only serve my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those I have relationships with now and in the future more than I can even comprehend.
Aerye Swarek
Victoria, Canada
Mel's skill and comfort with questioning and reformulating beliefs regarding relationships is contagious. If you want to open up to new possibilities, she can be a resource for you.
BC, Canada
Mel has been a tremendous source of inspiration for my relationships and my community at large. She presents with a combination of professionalism, knowledge and open-minded curiosity that makes her safe and approachable. My profound journey through love and relationships has definitely been helped through the time I have spent with Mel. Erin BC, Canada
Mel has been an incredibly valuable asset to me in helping to evolve my relationship skills and helping me to empathize with my partners. Her workshops and her coaching have drastically improved the communication level and quality of my relationships.
BC, Canada
Mel maintains a calm demeanor with low pressure conversation. She's approachable and accessible. She cares. It shows. Her passion for intimacy and relationship actualization shines through. Sex positive, poly aware, and kink aware, Mel is a very versatile specialist and adviser - the perfect counselling choice no matter how simple or complicated your concern or situation is.
BC, Canada
Mel has some seriously great communications skills and methodologies. I've seen a lot of facilitators in my time and she ranks up here with the best. I won't hesitate to take another of her workshops.
BC, Canada
Mel is an incredible listener and her attention to detail was crucial. I walked away with much more than I had anticipated: I came away with a lot of tools to work with, and also a comfortable understanding of who I am and how I present myself to others. Mel is nothing short of awesome at what she does, and I will continue to use her as a resource and recommend her.
Thank you so much Mel, you rock!!!
Colorado, USA
There were so many insightful components... the biggest takeaway was reinforcing my wants in a relationship.
Mel you have such a beautiful heart centred way of delivering this workshop and I'm convinced that many people can benefit from the tools, resources and lessons you offer.
Vancouver, BC
Thank you for the space in which you held during the workshop, the skills that were taught, the emotions opened and above all the clarity it allowed in how I present myself to the world and areas in which I was holding back.
Thank you! So much thank you and gratitude for this.
This workshop was the beginning of a month of so much opening and healing and realizing potential, I am beyond grateful.
Victoria, BC
Thank you for your kind help and wisdom at such a fragile time - I appreciate it so much and it helped a lot


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