I am thrilled to share a listing of professionals who not only excel in their respective fields but also resonate deeply with my core values.

Some of these individuals are not just colleagues; they are trusted friends who share a commitment to integrity, innovation, and collaboration.

Each professional resource featured here offers a unique blend of expertise and passion, reflecting a collective dedication to excellence.

It is my pleasure to introduce this remarkable assembly of individuals whose camaraderie and shared values have made a lasting impact on both personal and professional fronts.

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Asking For What You Want

Workshops and Resources from Marcia B

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Love Uncommon Workshops

DBT based work for Quirky Queers and Cultural Renegades

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Our Landing Place Therapy Collective

Queer Affirming Counselling & Therapy in Canada

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Our Sacred Body

Wheel of Consent Workshops, Holistic Counselling, and Sacred Journeys with Helena De Felice

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Institute For Authentic Tantra

Empowerment for your intimate, sexual, and spiritual wellbeing, with Devi Ward Erickson

Making Polyamory Work

Libby Sinback’s podcast

The Monogamy Detox

6-week online, life-time access workshop, runs every spring & fall.


Online and In Person Workshops

For Helping Professionals

Resources for professionals working with clients practicing Consensual Non Monogamy

Honest Non Monogamy

Five Month Beginner's Course on the Essentials for Non Monogamy

Relationship Coaching

Start Your Radical Relationship Journey Today

Somatic Experiencing

Trauma-Informed Work

Radical Renew

21 day e-course for nourishing your Self Relationship

The Blog

Articles on Radical Relating

Radical Relating Community

Join the Community of Radical Relators!

The Monogamy Detox

6-week online, life-time access workshop, runs every spring & fall.